Journal publications

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Conference papers

Lippényi, Zoltán & Gerber, T. (2013) Intergenerational Micro-class Mobility During and After Socialism: The PEACH Model in Hungary. Presented at the RC28 meeting in Brisbane, July 2013.

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Lippényi, Zoltán (2012) The Hungarian Historical Social Mobility file. Collecting historical micro-data on stratification and social mobility. Presented at the ICS James Coleman Symposium, Utrecht, 27 April 2012. and as a guest lecture at ELTE Budapest University, Budapest, 22 December 2011

Lippényi, Zoltán (2010) What are the determinants of intergenerational mobility in Hungary? Comparing municipalities and periods before and during modernization. Presented at RC28 meeting on the ISA World Congress Sociology, Gothenburg, Sweden, 14 July 2010 A slightly revised version of this paper is presented at the Cambridge Social Stratification Research Seminar, Utrecht, 10 September 2010

Book chapters

Becker, Henk A. & Lippényi, Z. (2012) Generations and language proficiency in Eastern Europe. In: Becker, H. A. Generations of Lucky Devils and Unlucky Dogs: Strategies for assertive growing up, active ageing and intergenerational solidarity up to 2030. Amsterdam, Dutch University Press

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